NeoTES was featured in the latest Department of Energy announcement on their new Smart Energy Innovation Program

NeoTES is thrilled to be one of 5 start-ups participating in Innovacorp's Clean Tech Accelerate Program

NeoTES is thrilled to be participating in the 2016 Dal's LaunchPad business accelerator! 

NeoTES would like to welcome Jill Johnson as the Chief Business Development and Operations Officer

Department of Energy (DOE) Electricity Plan press release today - $1.5 million for pilot projects announced:

NeoTES was featured in the DOE Electricity Plan in the Innovation Section

InnovaCorp recently awarded $50,000 to a company that grew out of a lab at Dalhousie University. The company, NeoThermal Energy Storage Inc. , is working on a new heat storage system that can be more easily retrofitted in homes than traditional ceramic block storage. That type of targeted research support spawns solutions and develops new business opportunities.
— Our Electricity Future Nova Scotia’s Electricity Plan 2015-2040

Innovacorp Announces Finalists in I-3 Technology Start-Up Competition:

NeoTES was announced as one of the finalist in the clean-technology sector. 

Innovacorp Smart Energy Challenge Announcement :

Two companies have been named winners in Innovacorp’s inaugural Smart Energy Demo Challenge. Unified Software Technologies (UST) and NeoThermal Energy Storage (NeoTES) are each receiving about $50,000 in cash to demonstrate their technologies. Read More

EntrevestorCo-Winners of Cleantech Competition
Chronicle Herald:  N.S. tech startups earn $98,000 in prizes

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